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Bushfire Ready Groups

The potential of severe bushfires exists every year no matter where you live in Western Australia. The reality is that in a major bush fire, a fire appliance may not be available to protect every home. This means that residents and home owners need to be responsible for their own safety.
BUSHFIRE READY is a local community action program aimed at encouraging local residents to work together in preparing and protecting their families and properties against bush fires.

You and your neighbours can learn how to prepare your family and your property so you can act if a bushfire threatens so you will have the best chance of survival.

The benefits of forming a BUSHFIRE READY Group can include
  •     Increasing your understanding of bushfire risk.
  •     Learning how to reduce fire risks around homes, streets and the immediate surrounding bush land in your area.
  •     Support for developing your own Bushfire Survival Plan.
  •     Opportunities for meeting neighbours to develop support networks that may be needed in a bushfire emergency.
  •     Learning about bushfire behaviour and preparedness strategies.
  •     Reducing the cost that bushfire has on life, property and the environment.
  •     Developing realistic expectations of the capabilities (and limits) of the emergency services during a bush fire.
  •     Finding out where to access information during a bush fire
The BUSHFIRE READY program is self managed, flexible and community driven. The Program is coordinated by a trained volunteer BUSHFIRE READY facilitator and supported by local Fire Services personnel. Members decide when, where and how often they meet and what components of the program they wish to use. These can include:
  •     Experiencing a Fire
  •     Bushfire Behaviour
  •     How to Reduce Bushfire Risk to Your Home 
  •     Street Walk or Property Assessment
  •     Personal Survival
  •     Bushfire Survival Plans
  •     Passive Fire Protection
  •     Active Fire Protection
  •     Community Strategies and Warnings
The Bushfire Ready Group Member for the Kalamunda / Goosberry Hill / Lesmurdie / Walliston area is:
  •     Vanessa Skinner
For further information on BUSHFIRE READY or about forming a BUSHFIRE READY group in your area,
please contact Vanessa Skinner on 0410 564 451 or FESA Community Engagement Directorate on 9323 9300 or free call 1800 199 084.

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